Bring them all to the Funeral
When you really need the whole family to "be there."

Some can't make the trip?  They can still participate, interacting in real time!


Unite ALL Family and Friends in the

Ritual of Remembrance and Thanksgiving over the Internet!

"Larry Grimm is a professional who blended into the background of our live-streamed Celebration for my husband.  He also provided an emotional & heartfelt presentation for my loved one. Intermittently & appropriately announcing names & remarks from "attendees" across the US & Canada was a connecting, enlarging face to the Celebration.

So glad you could help me lo those many months ago, Larry."     - Marilyn


"I loved the live webcast. It helped me to feel like a part of the family grief and sharing process. Its hard to travel so far for a Funeral even though you really want to be there and this made it all very real to me and very personal. It helped me to feel close to my family that was there and I also knew I was sharing it with other family members that were in different states so it was a feeling of closeness. I think it is an awesome service. Thank you for providing it."  Ginny

Betty St Michel on Thursday, September 15, 2011 3:42 PM
"As I sit here listening to the service of my Uncle David's funeral, almost two months to the day, I feel blessed. Today is my late mother's birthday. I know that her and my Uncle are looking down upon me and my family. I know this as my sister in Maine went to the gravesite today and the flowering plant I spoke of is still green. There are no longer any blooms, but it is still alive. What a wonderful opportunity for my sisters and brother across the country to have been able to participate in the funeral ceremony. It would have been a large hardship on all to have flown here for the funeral and to fly home. That was the best for all of us. It is also a blessing to be able to watch this video at a future date. Thank you to Larry for his hard work for his gift to be able to share these memories with the world and with those that appreciate his gift. Thank You!"  Betty St. Michel

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The Internet Brings Family and Friends Close in Grief

Service Led by Life Celebrant
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Watch a Single Camera Broadcast

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We all use the internet in a variety of ways from social interactions to contracting business.  It is no surprise that we now use it for ritual and emotional healing. 

As we have discovered how important it is to families to witness in real time the memorial services of their loved ones.  Watching, hearing, and even sending messages to the family, people connected over the internet feel a part of the memorial as though present.

Live Video has become more common with smartphone capacity on the rise. Our services are TV quality and give family and friends present the chance to participate in the service while we handle the technology.

What is the process?

  We will work directly with you.  We request email addresses from you of family and friends and send out the link for the live stream ahead of the Memorial.  We bring our  portable equipment .  After the services we archive and host the automatic recording for 30 days.  All we need is adequate internet connection at the service site.

Do we do the reception as well?  Yes, we can live broadcast or record the comments and celebrations at the reception for on demand viewing.

Click on this link to an article in the LA Times on Live Video Streaming Memorials 

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Price Range: One camera, $435 to three cameras, $3200. includes on-demand access to archived recording.