Grandfather's Love 

Did you get to know your Grandfather?  Now you're a Grandfather, leave a video legacy.

What's this about?
About five years ago I retired from professional chaplaincy in hospice care. I was concerned that people wanted to leave something for their loved ones to remember them by. I did live video streaming of memorial services but was impressed that many wanted to leave messages, personal and enduring. Now, as a grandfather myself,  I offer that opportunity. I will interview those who want to leave a lasting message and make it available for you to pass along to your Grandchildren.
You might consider this:
  • Your voice and mannerisms will be seen by your grandchild for years to come.
  • You will give the story of your grandchild's birth telling the details as you observed them.
  • You will tell your own story of who you are imparting your hopes and dreams for their future.
  •  You will bless your grandchild with your words of love and wisdom for them to hear and see for years to come. | +720 (441) 3289
Why Grandfathers?
Grandfathers hold a unique position in the extended family. They are initiators as they helped conceive the new mother or father. But they are primarily observers of the processes that have occurred over the years as these new parents have grown, bonded together, and prepared to welcome a child.
  • They are unlike grandmothers who relate to the pregnancy and birthing
  • Grandfathers hold vigil, alert to the nuances of changes coming about
  • When they hold their grandchild for the first time Grandfathers connect with their own past as fathers and with the future their grandchild represents

Call me at 720-441-3289 to discuss what will make you comfortable in the interview. Or email me with your questions:

 My website is    Cost is $235. and you pay online when invoiced. I will send the final video on an external drive for your use.


  Click on the calendar icon to make an appointment with me to talk this over.  My name is Dr. Larry Grimm. Ordained as a Presbyterian Minister I have served in congregations and chaplaincy over many years. In retirement I own a company dedicated to online video production. I am a new resident of Honolulu, HI. I hold a degree from Grinnell College in Theatre and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Union Seminary in Virginia. I have two adult daughters and now, two grandchildren living in Denver, Colorado.