Streaming SOFTWARE
  • What streaming software is this?
  •  Some Streaming Software, allow you to have 1000 inputs. Inputs are cameras, videos, your logo, images, power points, titles, overlays, lowerthirds, NDI inputs.
  • Some Streaming Software, allow you to bring into your production a Remote Guest. 
  • Do not use open source streaming software. You won't get the end results you are looking for.
  • When streaming, make sure you have the rights to music you are using in your production. Social Media sites will flag your video and may not post your production. Keep in mind when streaming, check all of your settings, recording settings, and streaming settings.
  • What Equipment do I need: Laptop or Desktop Computer, Cameras (Full-HD, SD, 4K), Lighting, Capture Cards, or NDI Ready Video Camera, Microphones, Hotspot Router
  • Cost: Streaming can reached up to $5,000 - $10,000
  • Remember: When you stream live video make sure you are not breaking the infringement laws/copyright laws. 
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