GDTLIVE TV NETWORK sponsors the following live streams through our network. Our network has the ability to manage your live stream simultaneously to all streaming platforms. By using our network you are able to reach your audiences on a greater scale.

This allows you to get the exposure you are looking for. Your audiences has the ability to receive your live stream on any platform and devices. Looking to "Brand" your live stream with your logo. We add your logo to your live stream to get your brand expose on all streaming platforms. Today, Businesses, Individuals, and Organizations, are looking to Brand their content with their logos but need help in doing so.

Many organizations don't know how important it is to brand their contents when it comes to streaming. Why Brand Your Contents - This allows people to know your brand, what your brand is all about, get you new customers, and bring new audiences to your sites. The bottom line is you want your audiences to know your brand. What are the benefits of Branding.

(1) Expose your logo

(2) Reputation

(3) Loyal Audience

(4) Target Your Audience

(5) Capture a large audience to increase productivity

Here are our Live Streams we Sponsor on our Network and many more are joining.

George's Digital Technology - This is our tech site. This allows us to post new technology and give our audiences a place to share their comments. We stream live and our audiences can join our live show in-real-time to share their views, comments, and talk about the new technology

The George Live TV Show - This is our Live Stream - This is where our audience can share their events, project, programs, or whatever their want to share. Our audiences can request to appear on our live show anytime. This also allows Bands, Music Groups, Sports Teams,

Teachers, Private Tutors, Individuals, to have their information or services expose to billions across all platforms.

Our Community Forum GDTLIVE TV NETWORK - This site allows community members to share their information with the community. Any member of the community can share their up-coming events, programs, services. The community can appear on this platform

live to share their information. This site was created to allow members of the community such as Sports Teams, Music Groups, Bands, to share their content with the community.

The Neighborhood Church - Stream live every Sunday at 12PM , 24 North Lansdowne Ave, Lansdowne, PA Bishop Quincy Watkins, Lead Pastor

The Good-Steward (IAMS Good-Steward) All about Healthy Living a outreach program offering the community health and nutritional information, news. Share tips including diet, activity, and fitness. (Coming in 2018)

Penn Wood HS Band Boosters - Stream, Record, Penn Wood HS Marching Band "Band Camp", "Competitions", "Band Concerts", "Jazz Band". We donate each recording to the William Penn School District for posting to their website.

As part of our Community Service, we have chosen to donate 1000's of hours each year to the Penn Wood Band Boosters Organizations to provide the community the opportunity to see the hard work and dedication of our students performing in Band Competitions, Jazz Band,

Concert Band and Concert Choir. Also, we provide each recording to William Penn School District. Our goal is to provide the community with the content we record, stream, post. 

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