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Thank you for your interest in Interactive Videos. Interactive Videos are the most powerful ways to promote your Business Products, Services and engage your clients. Here is a list of services we offer: Interactive Videos, Automated Logos, Cinemagraph Videos, Streaming, Recording Services.

Pricing: Hourly Rates

  • Interactive Videos $190
  • Automated Logos $95
  • Cinemagraph Videos $450
  • Record Services $170
  • Streaming Service $250



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Interactive Videos Services
We will create your project by recording your video or use your video from your YouTube Account. Once we have completed your project, you will receive an email with your EMBED CODE FOR FACE BOOK. 
How to embed your code to Face Book. -  From your email: copy the code and place it on your face book page this could be a Business Page, Personal Page, Group Page. If you have any questions please send us an email at
Embed Code for Websites
Once we completed your project we will send you a email with the html code for your website. How to embed this html code: Open up your website in a html editor,  From the email copy the html code and paste it into your website page (make sure you are in the html code page) then save your changes. Once you have completed the copy & paste process, you can upload your new website to your website provider or console.  If you have any questions, please send us an email at

How to get a Interactive Account

Thank you, for your interest in Interactive Videos. Interactive videos are a powerful tool to share your project on social media or your website. Interactive Videos are only for social media and websites. 

What you will get

We will create your first interactive project for you and send you, your access to your account. Inside interactive you will be able to see all of your projects. You will be able to edit, preview your project, see stats on your project, you will get the embed code, share or delete your project. 

You will have access to the Canvas, Settings, Stats, Publish & Sharing. You can upload your own videos (MP4) Format from your computer, You Tube Account, or use Interactive Library. 

Your Account Info:

GDTLIVE TV NETWORK will assigned you a username & password. Provide the link to your account. It is RECOMMEND to use Google Chrome web browser.


Canvas Add Videos From:

  • Your Computer
  • You Tube
  • Interactive Library
  • Follow the Legend


  • Name your project
  • Description
  • Branding (your image)
  • Enable Chapters
  • Change Fonts
  • Auto Play Video
  • Show Play Seek Bar
  • Thumbnail
  • Face Book Pixel


See stats on your project

Publish & Sharing:

  • Video Size (720x405)
  • Embed Code for Website
  • Privacy Button (Public)
  • Sharing Page (Face Book)
  • Show Public Projects on Share Page
  • Allow Comments on Share Page


Pricing: Monthly 

  • Organizations & Churches - $295 
  • Individuals & Groups - $325
  • Small Businesses - $450


  • All your project videos are in one place
  • Viewers can select any video from your video menu.
  • You can advertise several item at once within a video
  • Have an Call-To-Action button, popup menu, website link..
  • We will record your project in mpg or we can use your videos from YouTube.
  •  3 videos this include your menu video
  • 5 videos this include your menu video
  • 10 videos this include your menu video