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Terry Viney

I am a speaker, coach and communications consultant. I work with businesses, individuals and organizations. They hire me because they want to focus on becoming more successful more quickly.

We develop powerfulcommunication skillsand the people I serve suddenly find they have the confidence to explain the service they provide with clarity

Together we find the secret to professional management, which is knowing:

 “ WhatMatters Most“, so everything we are doing we do on purpose with a purpose, getting more done in  matters  less time.

Change is inevitable, choice is optional. One of the biggest business changes in our time is the Internet.

  If we are not visible we don’t exist.

The most powerful tool for visibility is video.

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We Design , Print & Promote ...You

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I put you on the Internet exactly the way you want to be seen

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David Cantor

Welcome to SmartStaff Personnel. To learn more about our exciting temporary and full-time positions or to learn about our extensive database of top-notch professionals, call or e-mail us today. Phone: (908) 508-0300 or

We help great companies find excellent employees 

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B2B CFO is the nation’s largest CFO services company. We have unique nationwide talent with more than 200 partners in 46 states.

My name is Roger Presley and I am a Partner in B2B CFO. I am a Certified Management Accountant and I have provided financial leadership as a Chief Financial Officer to a diversified range of global companies over 25 years.

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