Your Contact Information Is protected. Subscribe With Confidence.

OfficeVP respects and protects your privacy and Inbox.

Your contact information is safe with OfficeVP. What Does This Mean?
The form on this website is being hosted by someone who uses OfficeVP email marketing to manage their email marketing campaigns. Upon completing the form, they will most likely send you an email. Completing this form means you give them permission you subscribed. They have also agreed to abide by our anti-spam rules and anti-spam laws like CAN-SPAM.

"What If I Want To Unsubscribe?"
In the footer or bottom of any email they send to you is an unsubscribe link allowing you to stop any email they are sending you at anytime. This is called Unsubscribing or opting-out. Once you unsubscribe, we stop all email to you from them, and they will never be able email you again from the account they are using with OfficeVP. You can unsubscribe whenever you want with a click of your mouse. If later you change your mind and would like to receive email from them again, you can locate one of their emails in your inbox, click the unsubscribe link and reactivate your contact information to begin receiving thier email again.

"What If I don't want to completly unsubscribe? What if I only want to stop a particular email series or update my contact information?"
In the footer or bottom of any email they send to you, you will also find an Update Profile link. Once you click the Update Profile link, you will be taken to a page where you can select to discontinue an email series and/or update your contact information.

"Does OfficeVP rent or sell my contact information?"

"How Does OfficeVP Prevent Spam and Protect my inbox from spam abuse?
OfficeVP takes a strong position against spam. We will not tolreate spam abuse. We do not depend just on technology alone. We employ a team of real people who can, detect clues about a user that can jeopardize our deliverability. We will immediately suspend and/or terminate accounts if necessary, sometimes it is as simple contacting users regarding any risk factors they need to address. We also follow best practices in several email industry and anti-spam groups like the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group, the Anti-Phishing Working Group and the Online Trust Alliance.

Report Abuse - Help Us Stamp Out Spam!
If you feel you have received spam from a OfficeVP user, please report it to our Anti-Abuse Team immediately. You can email us at abuse(at)OfficeVP(dot)com.